Eloise Pepper Arts Education Fund


More about Eloise Pepper:

 Mrs. Pepper was born October 1, 1927 in the small farming community of Solen, North Dakota. When she was born, she was so tiny that she slept in a shoebox near the oven to keep warm, her family was not sure she would survive infancy. However, the tiny Eloise was made of tough stuff and survived not only infancy, but childhood in the Great Depression, motherhood, 39 years of teaching, a mugging on a trip to South America, breast cancer, and a stroke that curtailed her beloved travels.

 Mrs. Pepper is remembered by her family as being very frugal, modest, and one to save her money long before it became fashionable to do so. With her thriftiness and economy on a teacher's salary, she was able to provide generous contributions to her community, including the Columbia Theatre.

 She brought her family to many performances at the Columbia Theatre and in Portland so they would have an opportunity to experience live performances. Whether in the classroom, the home, her church or the theatre, Eloise Pepper was passionate about life and learning.

Theatre is meant for everybody, but it’s especially important in the development of children and young people, because some things, you just can’t get out of books.
— Eloise Pepper

 The performing arts is a profound and important part of any child's education. The impact of a cultural and artistic education is life-long, adding enjoyment, depth and meaning to both personal lives and professional work as adults. This is why the Columbia Theatre Association has made it part of our mission.

 THE ELOISE PEPPER ARTS EDUCATION FUND is named after Eloise Pepper, a well-loved teacher and dear friend to the community. Eloise strongly believed in the benefits of the arts for children and there is nothing is more amazing than watching a child experience live theatre for the first time.

 Through this fund, the Columbia Theatre is able to bring the joy of live theatre to many children each year with theatre camps, the Fibre Federal Rainy Months Series, and community workshops.

Please help us continue this legacy…