A word from the Executive Director on Simon & Garfunkel

Sometimes you just skirt by an iconic event without knowing you’re witnessing history. 

So it was on a mid-September evening (1981) in Manhattan’s Central Park when I was walking up 5th Avenue ready to cut across by the Metropolitan Museum on the way home to my Upper West Side Apartment. I’d almost forgotten that Simon and Garfunkel were set up near the Delacorte Theater and the Great Lawn where the Broadway Leagues normally play Softball in the summer.  But they were there singing for some 500,000 friends lounging everywhere. I skirted up the edge and crossed over to the West side by the Reservoir.  I listened as I walked that perimeter, recalling only that the audience applause was thunderous.  Standing by the reservoir, I remember “feelin’ a little groovy” and also a little like the “…only livin’ boy in New York.” Was I there?  Was I a part of it?  Or was I just passing through?

 I will allow myself a little poetic license by saying I was there for the Concert in Central Park.

 Which brings me to the Simon and Garfunkel Story coming to the Columbia Theatre on Friday, October 4th.   Direct from England this concert-style show chronicles the amazing journey of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel from their humble beginnings as “Tom & Jerry” to one of the greatest folk rock duos of all time. Photographic projections, video footage, and a full live band feature all of their hits. The performance culminates with a recreation of that iconic concert.

 Amidst the current historical backdrop, perhaps this might be a good time to take a break and come on out for a little nostalgic balm for the weary soul. Just you, Paul, Art and 500,000 close friends—all singing “An American Tune.”

 See you at the theatre.  

  Gian Paul Morelli

Executive Director

Columbia Theatre Association for the Performing Arts

Sabrina Rosas